Just A Word Or Two From BettyAnn

 How exciting to share some memories of the last 25 years of an amazing group, Texas Rural Chief Appraisers was formed to give the smaller Rural Districts an affordable place to go to visit with other  districts their size, with the same challenges, with the same budget restraints, and the same educational needs.

 The first conference was small and held at the Omni Downtown Austin without any sponsors. My…How we have grown!!! My hope is that we can keep the same rural needs in mind during our growth.  “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!”

 We rotated between the Downtown Omni and the South Park Austin Omni for 23 years until we outgrew both hotels and found the beautiful Embassy Suites in
San Marcos.

 See the list of ALL the people that served on the STEERING COMMITTEE thru the past 25 years.  We
have become like extended family. Several of us did not have married children 25 years ago, now, we
have married children and grandchildren graduating from high school. We have watched our extended family get married (one during the TRCA Conference), lost dear friends and family members, celebrated the
birth of children and grandchildren, laughed together, cried together, been thru illness together, cheered together….. ice storms, popcorn & lemonade, elevators stuck, cost of coffee, penny pincher…..

Special thanks to Bud!! Not sure if you are my other son or what but I know you are special.  We have had lots of years of sharing together. I will miss you!!


Our Sponsors are AWESOME!!! 
I guess every Sponsor has said at one time or the other, “if you need anything at all, just ask”. 
I appreciate each of you and everything you do, both financially and emotionally.

Steve, how can you be at the right place at the right time? You manage to take just the right picture of the right person laughing and having fun.  Thank you!

Thank you, Ronnie for always being “The Wind Beneath My Wings” by supporting me and allowing me to do what we have been able to do for the last 25 years and for all our almost 53 years. I appreciate your patience and your love.

Texas Rural Chief Appraisers, Inc. is the greatest group of people ever. Thank you to the: Steering Committee, Sponsors, Speakers, Steve, PTD, TDLR, Embassy Suites, and guests.

Not sure where the last 25 years have gone, but it’s time to say, “so long” and I love each of you…